Neritos ex Jerbiton

Healing mage of House Jerbiton




Neritos ex Jerbiton. Was born to a powerful family within the empire along with his brother Damocles. However as they both had the blatant gift they were swiftly sent to live at a local convent and kept out of the public eye. There they were quickly discovered by a Jerbiton mage and taken as apprentices at the next tribunal at the age of 5. Meanwhile several of their younger siblings were groomed to take over the family as there father naturally distrusted them, Neritos though as the oldest is officially the heir and has throughout his life been the target of various plots to kill or maim him so he can be removed from the line of succession, although none have been successful so far, the closest was a poisoning attempt during a rare visit home that only his nascent ability with healing magics and the subsequent aid of his master prevented from being fatal. It remains a certainty that were he not inducted into the order with the security that provides he would be long dead.

His magical aptitude is with the healing magics and more specifically diseases. He is currently a reluctant player in Byzantine politics as he tries to avoid getting killed by it.

Neritos ex Jerbiton

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